Nokia Here Maps for Windows based cell phone

Best Mobile Maps App for the World Traveler

One of the best uses for a mobile device while traveling is to use them to view electronic maps. I have found one map app that is head-and-shoulders above the rest: Nokia Here maps. Yes, this app is specific to Windows Phone and will only be available to those with a Windows-based device. If you are serious about travel and using your phone as your lifeline while traveling, this feature in itself may be enough to sway you into making the switch.


So what’s so great about Nokia Here maps? It allows you to easily download and manage entire libraries of offline maps. You can pre-download and store as many maps as you can fit onto your device. Simply press Settings à Download Maps à Download New Maps à Add à Choose Continent à Choose Country and select the country for which you want to download a map. Each map is 50 to 400 MB, depending on size and number of roads in the country. There is plenty of detail for all of your travel needs!

Here’s an example: I know I will be traveling to New Zealand later this year, so I will go ahead and download the New Zealand map in the comfort of my home and via my Wi-Fi connection. Now I KNOW that I have this map stored on my phone, before I even depart. I can now open and navigate on the map regardless of whether I have any type of connection or data on the phone.

Since they are stored individually by country, I can always see what maps I have on the phone, and add or remove as needed as I travel.

Simple as that! Give it a try!

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