The New World Traveler Power Standard: USB?

The New World Traveler Power Standard: USB?

With the proliferation of USB, is it time to start to consider USB as a universal power source for your travel items? It might just be!

Many of the electronics you already own probably use some sort of USB power, whether to charge internal batteries or for an external battery charger: Camera, cell phone, MP3 player, GPS, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. Some that you don’t think of as using USB power can probably be powered via USB with the right adapter cables.

On top of these items, thanks to Lithium Ion batteries, there is a proliferation of other devices that can be charged via USB: Electric shavers, flashlights, clocks, fans, and more.

Here is what is so great about USB: Commonality of connections and power. You can bring one 2 or 4-port AC wall power supply, one 2-port car cigarette lighter supply, and a couple of cables, and you can power anything with these. Add one of the robust USB power packs that are available nowadays, and you can keep all of your devices powered and running while you are traveling. (See other article for a discussion of power packs).

Take a look at what you travel with and see if you can consolidate to USB!


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